About Us

The Hajji Baba Club is the oldest organization in the United States devoted to the study of oriental carpets and antique textiles. Founded in New York City in 1932, its original members included many collectors whose carpets and textiles now form principal holdings at several of our country’s major museums. Prominent collectors and textile scholars continue to be part of the HBC membership today, along with many other enthusiasts.

Since its founding, the HBC has met monthly for education, entertainment and camaraderie. Our meetings offer an opportunity to learn about antique textiles from lectures and presentations and to share the great love for the woven arts which HBC members have in common. Members often bring interesting rugs and textiles to meetings so that others can enjoy them and offer their views. There is also an opportunity to dine with members, lecturers and other guests.

Our customary in-person monthly meetings moved to virtual meetings via the Zoom platform in 2020. Our current schedule includes both in-person sessions and zoom presentations which are recorded and available to members.

The HBC sponsors research into the history of carpets and other textiles, and has funded both exhibitions and publications in the field. .(links to Research Fellowship and Club History). The club also organizes trips to both public institutions and private homes to provide members with an insider’s view of textiles not usually on display.

The Hajji Baba Club accepts new members and welcomes anyone interested. Membership is $75 per year for members residing in the Tri-state area and $35 for non-resident members. There is a one-time initiation fee of $75. These charges help cover the costs of our virtual presentations as well as honorariums paid to our speakers.