Myth & Design

Thomas Cole

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Coffee House Club
20 West 44th St
6th Floor
NY NY 10036

Doors open 6:00pm
Lecture 6:45pm

At our annual meeting, the final gathering of the season, Tom Cole will be speaking about the significance recurring design themes in textile art ranging from Anatolia through Asia to the Far East (China & Tibet). The juxtaposition of images from different locales as well as the information regarding the significance of the designs reflects his own very unique persective.

Thomas Cole is well known for his contributions to HALI over the last 23 years but few are familiar with the fact he once lived in South Asia for 16 out of 20 years at one point, drawing upon those experiences to help formulate his thoughts on rugs, textiles and life in the East as it once was and still is.

He is the author o three books, Dream Weavers and Patterns of Life, both of which deal with the history and art of Tibetan weavings as well as an electronic book (available on iTunes and through the iBooks app on the iPad) Myth & Magic.

Additionally, he is an award winning photographer, focusing on the “wonder that was India” and still is if one can get past the inevitable (and, at times, unbearable) spectacle of the subcontinent.  He hosts two annual exhibitions in his private gallery space outside San Francisco, an autumn tribal weavings/textile show as well as a summer photography/textile display.