Carpets and Textiles in the Service of Religion

Prayer Rug
Turkey, Kirshehir Region
19th Century, Wool pile
154.9 x 109.2 cm (61 x 43 in)
Jeannette & Tripp Miller

The prayer-rug format has long been one of the most popular types woven in the villages of Turkey. Many villagers wove them in order to meet market demand. The striking color of the red field enclosed by the arch is dyed with an expensive insect-derived dye, probably cochineal, frequently found in rugs from Kirshehir. Although this example has a typical prayer rug design with an arch, it is unlikely that it ever actually was used locally for that purpose. As with most Turkish prayer rugs, it was probably woven for sale and soon afterwards exported to a ready market in Europe or the United States.

Prayer Rug, Turkey