Caravans, Covers and Containers

Bag Face
Iran, Qashqai Tribe
19th Century or earlier
Wool Pile
55.9 x 63.5 cm (22 x 25 in.)
Richard Isaacson

Like the tapestry-woven cover on view in this section, this bag face was woven by the Qashqai, a large tribal confederation. It is nearly impossible to attribute a weaving to any particular sub-group within the confederation, although attempts have been made at assigning pieces such as these to the Kashkuli, recognized as the best weavers among the Qashqai. Bags of this type, however, also appear to be among the oldest surviving weavings of the tribe, so a specific attribution is all the more tenuous. This extremely attractive example is noteworthy for its wide range of saturated colors, especially the characteristic rich chocolate-brown and the clear moss-green, combined with touches of pastel blue.


Qashqai Bag Face