Caravans, Covers and Containers

Saddle-Bag Face (khorjin fragment)
Iran, possibly Lur Tribe
19th or 20th Century
Wool pile
86.4 x 73 cm (34 x 28 3/4 in.)
James C. Morel, New York

The repertoire of nomadic weavings in Iran is so vast and the documentation and scholarship so inadequate that it is hardly surprising to encounter a piece whose origins can only be guessed at. It is possible that this saddle-bag face, with its endless repeat design in the field and decorative panel at the lower end, was woven by a member of the Lur tribe of Luristan, whose weaving culture has not been adequately documented. Historically, the Lur, who weave both for themselves and for sale, have been known for their hostility and aggression in defense of their territory, which has made study difficult.

Saddle Bag Face