The Turkmen

Turkmen Bridal Rug (kedjebe rug)
Central Asia, 19th Century,
111.8 x 99.1 cm (44 x 39 in)
Wool & Silk Pile
Anonymous loan

This small, almost square rug had a special role in the life of a Turkmen bride. During the wedding ceremony, the rug functions as her throne. Later, when she and her husband are alone, they sit on it together and drink sherbet, break the special bread made for the occasion, and declare their vows of fidelity to each other. After the wedding, while visiting her mother-in-law, the bride will use the rug as her special seat while her hair is rearranged and the head-dress that goes with it changed to show her newly-wed status. Such rugs are rarely found.


Below – A TekkeTurkmen man and wife seated together.
Turkmenistan, circa 1902

Turkmen Bridal Rug