Links to Informational Sites on the Internet

These sites offer information (beyond textiles for sale) of interest to collectors of oriental rugs and textiles. Please contact me if any of these links don’t work, or if you know of sites that should be added to the list.

American Conference on Oriental Rugs

Armenian Rugs and Carpets – Scholarly essay on the history and significance of rugs and carpets in Armenia.

Armenian Rugs Society Organization dedicated to the appreciation of Armenian rugs.

ASIAN ARTS -On-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia.

Brandon Oriental Rugs -A nice introduction for newcomers to the rugs world.

Catalhoyuk Excavations -Site devoted to Turkish archeological site.

Castle Oriental Rug Cleaning and Sales Includes practical advice for cleaning and inspecting oriental rugs.

Cetinkaya Gallery -Well known Istanbul dealer in antique textiles, with live and on-line exhibitions.

deYoung Museum – Extensive collection of textile images and information

Don Tuttle – Photography – Specializing in fine photography of carpets and textiles for publication

Emmett Eiland’s Oriental Rug Company -Informative site by the well known California dealer, with periodic articles and essays.

Gerard Paquin, “Silk and Wool: Ottoman Textile Designs in Turkish Rugs” -A scholarly article by a collector.

Goteborg Rug Society -Rug collectors club in Sweden. In English and Swedish.

HALI -The collector’s must-have periodical.

International Conference on Oriental Carpets -Conference information, books and other publications.

International Hajji Baba Society -Collector club in Washington, D.C.

Jozan Magazine on Oriental Rugs -Photogallery, auction news and information on oriental rugs. A large number of images and links

Kansas City Oriental Rug and Textile Association -Rug collectors club in Kansas City.

Milton Cater Oriental Carpets -Includes a selection of “Noble Ruins” and a newsletter, and some philosophy about rugs.

The Nazmiyal Collection – An extensive informational and commercial web site operated by a dealer of long standing in New York with offices also in New Jersey

New England Rug Society -A very active rug collector club.

NonPlusUltra -A commercial site that also includes articles, schedules of upcoming events, and other informational content. -Persian rugs: identification, cleaning, general information

Oriental Rug Review -A tabloid from 1981 through 1987, a color magazine until 1996, now in cyberspace.

Oriental Rug Society of New South Wales -Australia’s only rug society.

Philadelphia Oriental Rug Society -A very active rug collector club.

RugLore -The late Sam Gorden’s site, dedicated to the viewpoint that aesthetics is what rugs are all about. Much useful advice for new and experienced collectors.

RugRabbit – A free posting site for dealers to offer their rugs for sale, accessible and easy to use, no registration required

SFBARS -San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society, an active club with an interesting site.

Seattle Textile and Rug Society -A very active rug collector club with a good site including online exhibitions.

Seref Ozen, of Cocoon -Well known Istanbul dealer in antique textiles, with live and on-line exhibitions.

Textile Museum Symmetry Exhibit -A great site authored by (among others) Carol Bier of the Textile Museum (Washington, DC). It features a Textile Museum exhibit on symmetry in oriental rugs. Interesting pieces, educational analysis.

Textile Museum -The home page of Washington’s TM, featuring descriptions of it’s exhibitions, galleries, calendar and shop.

Thomas Cole Antique Rugs & Textiles -Informative site by the well known California dealer, with numerous articles as well as photo essays depicting life in Central Asia.

Turkic Republics and Communities -Essentially a series of links, it is just what it says it is, “The most complete guide to the Turkic world.” An almost overwhelming variety of information.

Turkish American Society of Northeast Ohio -A club promoting Turkish culture, including rugs, with regular programs and lectures.

Turkmen Main Carpets -About the information rich CD-ROM produced by Kurt Munkacsi, David d’Huerle and Peter Saunders.

Turkotek -Noncommercial site with articles and sometimes detailed moderated discussions of topics related to rugs and textiles.

Vanishing Textiles -Selections from an exhibition and book on ethnographic textiles.

World Rugs -Site with discussion boards and content approaching that of a magazine.

World of Tribal Arts -On line version of a “Journal of the Art, History and Culture of Traditional People.”

World Wide Weave -Rug Society Informational Site

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