Gallery of Textiles

Velvet Ikat Robe
Silk Robe
Ceremonial Garment
Silk Ikat Panel
Silk Cloth
Cape, Karkalpak Tribe
Zoroastrian Shawl
Turkmen Girl’s Cap
Coat, Greater Syria
Bridal Veil
Striped Shawl

Caravans, Covers and Containers
Qashqai Bag, Iran
West Mali Cover
Horse Cover
Saddle Cover
Ferahan Horse Cover
Afshar Horse Cover
Asian Horse Cover
Kurdish Bag Face
Shahsevan Bag Face
Qashqai Bag Face
Khamsah Bag Face
Kurdish Tapestry
Jaf Kurd Bag Faces
Bakhtiari Double Bag
Saddle Bag Face
Central Turkey Cover
Complete Saddle Bag
Qashqai Gileem Tapestry
Uzbekistan Horse Cover
Shahsevan Saddle Bag

Carpets and Textiles in the Service of Religion
Silk Fragment with Armenian Inscription
Multiple Niche Prayer Rug
East Turkestan Pile Saf
Khorasan Prayer Rug (fragment)
Baluch Prayer Rug
Prayer Rug, Turkey
Textile with Inscription, Tibet
Square Mat
Tiger Pelt Rug

The Turkmen
Saryk Door Rug
Turkmen Salor Chuval
Bag Face
Turkmen Trapping
Turkmen Torba
Turkmen Camel Trapping
Turkmen Saryk Chuval
Turkmen Rug Fragment
Camel Knee Decoration
Turkmen Bridal Rug
Turkmen Cover

The Baluch
Baluch Small Bag
Baluch Bag Face
Baluch Rug
Baluch Salt Bag
Baluch Bird Bag Face
Baluch Bagface
Baluch Cushion Cover

Village and Commercial Rugs from Iran
Northwest Persian Rug
Senneh Runner
Ferahan Rug
Iran Heriz Rug
Iran Bijar Rug
Iran Bijar Rug
Northwest Persian Rug
Hamadan Runner

Village and Commercial Rugs from Turkey
Turkey Cushion Cover
Turkey Cushion Cover
Star Ushak
Turkey Village Rug
Double Niche Rug

Village and Commercial Rugs from the Caucasus
East Caucasian Rug
Soumak Rug
Kazak Rug
Talesh Rug
Chichi Rug
Caucasian Akstafa
East Caucasian Long Rug

Silks and Carpets for High Society
Ottoman Silk Fragment
North African Silk
Silk Curtain Fragment
Ottoman Silk
Ottoman Velvet Fragment
Ottoman Prayer Rug
Safavid Carpet Fragment
Kerman Carpet Fragment
Rug, (small fragment)